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Russian rugs on walls (aka Russian Carpets)

In modern Russia carpets on walls are not popular, but in Soviet Union (i.e. in the middle on 20’s century) they are were very popular and widespread over all Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This is a typical russian carpet pattern. This is how russian rugs look on the walls in a typical soviet interiors.     Since some Russians

Creative Fruit Bowl Ideas

Fruit bowls are very practical and looking for creative fruit bowl ideas can add on some elegance to the area where the bowls are placed. How about trying fruit bowls in the fruit shapes? You will love an apple shaped bowl holding different fruits in it or one in the shape of a fruit tree.

Side Tables for Small Spaces

If have limited space but still find side tables important and functional, then you can choose side tables for small spaces to suit your needs. The side tables are of course made small to match your needs but the design of the tables can also determine how ideal they are. For small spaces, consider tables

Floating Shelf Bedside Table

A floating shelf bedside table can be very functional especially of you have limited floor space. It will help you keep the bedroom organized and at the same time keep your things within reach even when you are in bed. The secret to enjoying the floating shelf is making sure you have selected the best

Red and Black Wall Painting Ideas

Red and black wall painting ideas can help you out in creating a space you simply adore. The two color combinations have this serious yet elegant and classy feel to them and when you get creative you will have excellent results. One of the ways you can do your walls is have one stand out

Indoor House Paint Color Schemes

Choosing the best indoor house paint color schemes does not have to be a taxing process for you. You can have fun with the colors depending on what you find most appealing for your interiors. To get the best scheme however, start by considering other interior elements you have such as the wallpaper, tiles, fabrics

Black and White Painted Rooms

Black and white painted rooms can be easy to decorate considering that the two colors go well with everything. You don’t have to worry about colors that don’t blend well if you have this kind of interiors. You can actually decorate the rooms using the colors only by mixing and playing around with the colors.

Covered Patios With Fireplaces

Patios can be great when they receive the right attention and covered patios with fireplaces never disappoint. The covering offers some sort of privacy and also helps in keeping harsh elements at bay while you relax. With a fireplace in place, you can enjoy your patio even during those times when the weather is not

Kitchen Table Makeover Ideas

It is natural to have the kitchen table unsightly considering all the work that it has to put up with and it could be time to start looking for great kitchen table makeover ideas. One of the things you can do to you table is have it painted in colors that bring out its best

DIY Wood Paneling Makeover

A DIY wood paneling makeover might be all you need to lift the look of your room or house. Wood has this natural timeless beauty to it especially when you select the best wood for a beautiful makeover. Some woods have great natural colors, grains and patterns that you might not even need to paint