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Vintage Home Theater Decor

Red looks like a great color for a home theater. Look at this vintage home theater’s red elements. The whole wall is painted red while the flowery flooring material just use traces of red. The seats are red but they can be covered with black covers and still look fabulous. Wall art is done with

Retro Movie Theatre Decor

You really do not have to stick to the same boring movie room decorations. You could steal some ideas from the best movie theatre in your area. A pop corn machine and a framed wall portrait that says “I DO” could be placed on a glossy bench in front of a red wall. And on

Movie Theatre Themed Decorations

Red color is the main theme in this movie theatre. Look at those luxury curtains with yellow edgings one either side of your big screen. There are other longer ones squeezed between two lights. And although the floor is not plain red, you can see traces of red in the pattern. Red is obviously chosen

Movie Theatre Style Decor

This movie room looks like a huge movie theatre. The ceiling looks like a blanket of twinkling stars and there is a hanging object with a reel surface. You have a big movie screen, of course, and the wall behind it is painted black. Rows of white comfy chairs, lovely wall hangings as well as

Movie Theater Room Decor

When all you want are dull colors for your movie room, go for dark brown and its color variations. Sofas can be brown but they can be brightened up with amber pillows. Choose lighter brown wood finishes for the ceiling, walls and floor. Some brown frame portraits look ideal for your room as long as

Movie Room Wall Decor

If you like your movie room all red, then you can use red paint for walls and edges of ceilings. Add a flower theme to the red walls, black ceiling with multiple tiny bulbs and black leather sofas. Your flooring material should be cluttered with red, yellow and neutral geometrical shapes. This room looks particularly

Movie Room Decor Ideas

This one looks like a movie room built inside a limestone cave. The hanging things from the ceiling, not the lanterns, look like limestone stalactites. Walls are painted gray and one wall has a long wooden book shelf squeezed in the middle of four pillars. And there are two winged creatures seated on the first

Media room decor accessories

This movie room is beautifully decorated with furniture, plants, wall hangings and lights. The wooden structure looks like a three-legged filming stand decorated with gray reels. Flooring material boasts a neutral pattern that goes well with the white walls. A black couch with an orange pillow seems to dilute the brightness in the room.

Home Movie Room Décor

This is an elegant home movie room. But what make it so catchy are not only the luxury couches. It is the clever mixing and matching of colors, lighting fixtures and the décor items. The tiny ceiling lights, for instance, are neither too blight nor too dim. On one side of the walls, near the

Decorative Movie Reels

A movie room is meant for entertainment. Nothing dull and boring is needed in the room. That’s why you need some of these decorative movie reels. One is black, another is grayish-white and the last one is beige. Place them on top of a wall cabinet with some shelves for other décor items.