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Slab Building Pottery Projects

Your own slab building pottery projects can work well for you if you have a construction need and want to save money while at it. Doing your own slabs could mean reduced labor hiring and expenses since you can also use readily available materials and still get results. If you decide to handle your project

Painting Ceramic Tiles Craft

Painting ceramic tiles craft can be taken up to make home improvement, redecorate or remodel the house. The good thing is that you can do the painting on new ceramic tiles yet to be installed or on already installed tiles around the house. For instance, you can lift the look of your kitchen by doing

Clay Art Hand Painted Ceramics

Clay art hand painted ceramics can be magnificent when they are in the right colors and art. They can actually make wonderful decorations when placed in a display cabinet or when placed on different areas of the house to serve specific functions. Whereas it is possible to do your own painting on the ceramics, the

Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint

Painting can be fun especially when you have the possibilities of turning your ideas into reality hence ceramic piggy banks to paint can be a wonderful idea any given day. Ceramic gives you an easy time doing the painting since it is smooth and even. Find different colors and several brushes and start painting your

Ceramic Bowl Painting Ideas for Creative Decorations

If you love doing your own painting then you will find ceramic bowl painting ideas quite handy. The good thing about ceramic is that it is smooth and will therefore bring out the colors brilliantly. Try using bright colors on the bowls if your aim is to place them decoratively around the house. Floral paintings