Metal Front Porch Railings

This white residence has a long narrow porch, allowing the owner to keep chairs and small coffee tables along the wall. The railing is the chief point of interest though. Black in color, the railing extends to the beginning of the stairs and is tall enough to hide your affairs on the balcony.

Front Porch Railings and Posts

This is a short railing system for the front porch that is so beautifully decorated with all sorts of flowers. If you look closely, the railing closes the side of the porch completely. Tall and stronger pieces of metal are used to close the area. Furniture goes with the white railing and house, of course.

Front Porch Railings and Columns

This is a great house, which is painted white. To prettify the lengthy porch, the owner decided to add a medium height railing system, which ends where the small stairway begins. The railing looks safe for little babies as it is slightly raised and it looks so sturdy and durable.

Front Porch Railing Ideas

Finished wood such the type used to construct this railing looks great. You can see how smooth and colorful it appears, with some raindrops on the surface. And the designer combines timber and metal so innovatively to fence along the staircase. And the finished white and brown railing looks so attractive.

Front Porch Railing Height

This white mansion looks classy and lovely. However, if it were standing alone it would look incomplete. That’s why the designer created the white railing. You can see how creatively they created an entrance where the three stairs are. And there is a conveniently built footpath that ends where the first step starts.

Front Porch Railing Designs

The railing shown in this picture is simple and lovely. The white poles, with two supports, at the bottom of the staircase are just simple yet adding uniqueness to the scenery. They also match with the white walls of your house, brighten up the brown staircase and continue the white footpath.

DIY Front Porch Railing

Your front porch railing is lovely in white. It sort of brightens up your white and black stone house. And behind it you have a relaxation area consisting of black sofas. There are hanging purple flowers adding to the beauty of the porch. Finally, your floor’s murky white color is brightened by the white railing.