Black and White Painted Rooms

Black and white painted rooms can be easy to decorate considering that the two colors go well with everything. You don’t have to worry about colors that don’t blend well if you have this kind of interiors. You can actually decorate the rooms using the colors only by mixing and playing around with the colors. For instance, you can have one wall in black and the other in white before then choosing wall decorations that are suitable for each color. Mixed patterns on the same wall such as black strips going down a white wall can also achieve very magnificent looks with your black and white painted rooms. There’re a lot of different black and white paints to select from and you might be forgiven in thinking it is just the cruel marketing ploy, there’s actually the reason. Every white may look different that depends whatever else it’s used with. Some whites are grey however they can look white against any other sludgy colours. Pure white may look very beautiful in south facing room however use this in north facing room & it can feel stark and cold. Thus you see it’s very important to select right white.

Black and White Painted Rooms

White and black is often used to enlarge feeling of the room as eye can’t see boundaries very clearly so room looks much larger. Additionally, white has good reflective qualities it can bounce light around and enlarging your room more. The ability to reflect also will bounce back other colours in your room and may distort the vision of them. Example, red feature wall of white room can give white walls the pink glow. Reflection is the wonderful characteristic in white room and enhanced by using mirrored furniture and mirrors, mother of pearl at small details and crystals in the grand lighting displays and gloss painted ceilings.


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