Russian rugs on walls (aka Russian Carpets)

In modern Russia carpets on walls are not popular, but in Soviet Union (i.e. in the middle on 20’s century) they are were very popular and widespread over all Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This is a typical russian carpet pattern. This is how russian rugs look on the walls in a

Creative Fruit Bowl Ideas

Fruit bowls are very practical and looking for creative fruit bowl ideas can add on some elegance to the area where the bowls are placed. How about trying fruit bowls in the fruit shapes? You will love an apple shaped bowl holding different fruits in it or

Wall Mounted Bird Bath Tips

A wall mounted bird bath saves you a great deal of space and ensures that the birds can drink and bath without much distractions. You can strategically place the bird bath on the wall of the house of any other structure making sure it is easy for

Bird Bath Pedestal Ideas

Bird bath pedestal ideas are helpful for bird lovers. Whether you are rearing birds in your garden or you have a garden attracting birds, then a bird bath should be important. There are different pedestal ideas you can work with some of the most creative being human

Side Tables for Small Spaces

If have limited space but still find side tables important and functional, then you can choose side tables for small spaces to suit your needs. The side tables are of course made small to match your needs but the design of the tables can also determine how

Floating Shelf Bedside Table

A floating shelf bedside table can be very functional especially of you have limited floor space. It will help you keep the bedroom organized and at the same time keep your things within reach even when you are in bed. The secret to enjoying the floating shelf

Wooden Front Porch Swing

Wooden front porch swing comes with the advantage of beauty and durability. Wood from different trees can be very beautiful sometimes requiring no addition to the natural beauty. Some woods are dark and other light in colors with the colors ranging from deep brown to white. Good

Porch Swing Bed Cushions

Porch swing bed cushions are what you need to complete your comfort zone on the porch. Yu will love the comfort cushions offer especially when you decide to take a nap during the day. Comfort is also greatly improved especially of the swing bed is made of

Hanging Porch Swing Plans

Hanging porch swing plans can help you create some of the most relaxing family areas. You will love the bonding you can enjoy with your family on a chilly day or a boring evening on the porch swing. It can also serve as good personal area where

Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 

Indoor hanging hammock chair can be a very creative and inviting item in the house. However, when going for this hammock, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the hanging and that you have a strategic place for it so it does not end up becoming