Red and Black Wall Painting Ideas

Red and black wall painting ideas can help you out in creating a space you simply adore. The two color combinations have this serious yet elegant and classy feel to them and when you get creative you will have excellent results. One of the ways you can do your walls is have one stand out in red and another in black. Using red for the area around the dining area can be great whereas black can be amazing around the sitting area or entertainment area because it is already bright enough. You can also try different red and black wall painting ideas to have both colors working together on a wall.

Red and Black Wall Painting

Painting your walls with red and black color scheme will work best in your home and complement your entire home. Triad will pull all colors together that can then be spaced out evenly on the color wheel. You can get richness of black walls with red upholstery or furniture and accents in blue or you can change the color combination if you want. Split will start with primary color and complement the border of the home. To enliven your home go with magenta and golden walls. If you like an idea of trying four different color combination to get more dynamic look, then you may try “double split.”

Red and Black Wall Painting2

Double slip will include two complementary shade of colors that can be separated from each other just by a single position on color wheel, such as violet and blue with yellow and orange. You can as well create “tetrad” – that is four shade of colors equidistant at a color wheel, yellow and orange, red, blue and violet and green. When choosing the color combination do not forget to check all the elements in your home.

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