Slab Building Pottery Projects

Your own slab building pottery projects can work well for you if you have a construction need and want to save money while at it. Doing your own slabs could mean reduced labor hiring and expenses since you can also use readily available materials and still get results. If you decide to handle your project yourself however, you will need to have the right equipment and materials and learn a few pottery lessons to help you get the best. Fortunately you can find all information you need with your slab building pottery projects to ensure nothing is left to chance. When you think of starting a slab pottery projects, always remember to make thick and strong slurry. First you need to allow scraps of clay to totally dry out for some days and when it is completely dry, drop in a water container. It will then dissolve very quickly in order to make thick slurry.) If you are using slurry and not water, then you will be increasing its joint’s strength, throughout the pottery’s life and building process.

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To build small pottery, press on slabs
First, squeeze clay lump in a form of ball of 2” of diameter. With your palms, try to quash it as much as possible with your hand to give it a right shape. After that, put the clay ball on the surface and continue flattening with your palm and pounding it. You need to have the thickness of ¼” to ½” and then carefully lift the clay with your hand, and releasing it from the ground surface. It is not very difficult process that many people think it is, you just need to use right technique or take help of the exert pottery project to do it in a right way.

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