Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint

Painting can be fun especially when you have the possibilities of turning your ideas into reality hence ceramic piggy banks to paint can be a wonderful idea any given day. Ceramic gives you an easy time doing the painting since it is smooth and even. Find different colors and several brushes and start painting your piggy banks into whatever you wish. You can paint anything including piglets or flowers. You can include your name on the painting or include an inspirational message to help you with your money saving habits. Ceramic piggy banks to paint can be lots of fun and can enhance creativity. Like you may see – these are much bolder and bigger than smaller size of piggy banks you find traditionally.

Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  2

This makes them very unique, fun, and easier to work. Suppose you want to make your own Ceramic Piggy Banks, then here are some tips to know:

If you are painting the whole bank, use fine grit sandpaper and rough it just a tad, and wipe all dust away. It gives the paint better surface. Piggy bank comes in the classic white, blue or pink – giving you lots of options to work at. However, if you’ve creative idea in your mind that wants other color, then this step can make the acrylic paint cover & hold better.
When you are ready to paint the name and design, pencil this. In this way you will ensure you have space required, and can minimize the mistakes. When you are happy with a placement, you may go over lightly with the paintbrush and paint pen.
Use adhesive if you wish to add accessories like sequins, rhinestones, and fabric. You can use the spray adhesive in order to add dusting of glitter as well.

Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  3 Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  4 Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  5 Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  6 Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint  7 Ceramic Piggy Banks to Paint

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