Ceramic Bowl Painting Ideas for Creative Decorations

If you love doing your own painting then you will find ceramic bowl painting ideas quite handy. The good thing about ceramic is that it is smooth and will therefore bring out the colors brilliantly. Try using bright colors on the bowls if your aim is to place them decoratively around the house. Floral paintings never disappoint but you can be as creative as possible to make unique. You can actually couple the images with words or short messages to match your preferences. Ceramic bowl painting ideas can actually help you come up with beautiful decorative bowl gifts for your loved ones. Here are some outstanding properties & benefits of the ceramic coatings while used as the exterior paint solution in your home:

Ceramic Bowl Painting

Class A fire & smoke rating –It is the strong rating.
Longevity –This comes with 25year of transferable warranty from peeling, chipping, and flaking. “Do not paint again” is a big selling point for large bold letters.
It’s permanent –This permanently bonds at any of the paintable surface.
Mold & mildew resistant –it is less likely for the wood rot to happen because of properties of Eco Seal adhesive sealer. It is sticky. You can touch the piece of the siding used for the demonstration purposes.
Breathable – It has got breathability (or perm) rating of over 32.7. That just means it keeps the water particles out however allows the water vapor to get escape from its interior, and reducing chances of mildew and mold happening.
Flexibility –This contracts and expands with the changing temperatures and it is a key to its warranty, in my view.
Range of colors to select from –it is just like the paint in this way.
Lower V.O.C.’s –This rate on 81.6 g per l compared to over 200 g/l of the traditional house paint.

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