Vertical Shoe Storage

A white cabinet has four drawers modified for shoe storage. Each drawer has three steps, two slanted, and a fourth pullout drawer at the top. Your small cabinet offers a top surface for placing flower pots on and goes well with the white wall. The bright golden-brown wooden floor and pastel carpeting completes the elegant…

Vertical Shoe Rack

A vertical shoe rack organizer like this saves space and stands elegantly in the room. It has a simple design with eight horizontal steps fitted between two ladder-like pillars. The open spaces between ladders make it easier for you to see the pairs you want to wear from a distance.

Shoe Rack for Small Closet

With a small closet like this, arrange your apparels and hand bags on the entire storage space provided by open shelves. Few drawers on one end of your closet are perfect for personal belongings. In between your closets, find a vertical wall space for a matching shoe rack. Hold three pairs per step.