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Finished Basement Bars

This bar’s main attraction is the lighting. The bluish-purple light around the counter looks so inviting and beautiful. You have five metal stools around the L-shaped counter, three on the longest side. White lights hang from the yellow-orange ceiling. Walls are painted yellow and you have a flat screen TV on a wall.

Basement Wet Bar Plans

This basement wet bar plan is ideal for someone who loves the finest things in life. The area at the far end boasts a glittery section created by lights. There is a flat screen TV on top of the wall that is directly opposite the sitting area behind the bar counter. Brown color shades look

Basement Small Bar Ideas

With a tiny basement space such as this, you want to make your bar small as well. And there should be no restrictions when it comes to the decorative aspects. Purple is ideal, definitely, when it creates the checkered surface of the bar bench. Make the counter top glossy, perhaps use stainless steel, and add

Basement Bar Remodel

A basement bar can be remodeled to look like this. You definitely love the look and would probably want to try this layout. The designer has used color, stone and lighting to care a cool bar area where you can bring your parties to. The brown color shades and white looks like a great combination

Basement Bar Lighting

Gray seems to be your best color choice for this basement bar room. The grey floor carpeting may be dull but it is augmented by the wall and ceiling lights. A slot on the wall for your small TV set is great, particularly, if placed adjacent to the sitting area with a white bench. The

Basement Bar Layout

As the owner of this basement bar, you want brown to be your theme color. And brown does have many variations, which you are willing to integrate in your layout. The counter itself is L-shaped and painted yellow. Right beneath it you want to place six chairs, two on the shortest side. Let a few

Basement Bar Furniture

With a big basement area like this one, you just need great furniture to feel great. First you need three tall black chairs with round sitting pads kept in front of the bar counter. An enclosure with a black wall unit built with hardwood and has some yellow dangling lights is cool. The flooring material

Bar Ideas for Basement With Pictures

A bar in the basement can look as hospitable as the one shown in the picture. First you need a counter and a set of stools. A golden yellow wooden bar counter with a black top looks good and simple stools with a yellow sitting pad are just behind it. There is a recreation area

Bar Design Ideas for Basement

Are you looking to create a basement bar? Surely you cannot go wrong with the design shown below. The main thing is to focus on everything that matters. It does not matter whether or not you have a big area. Even smaller areas can be augmented with proper ceiling and wall lighting and correct furniture

Awesome Basement Bars

Imagine owning such a lovely basement room. This has been created by a professional designer who understands how to mix and match colors. Cream yellow, white, black and brown color variations have been so beautifully combined and used practically. But the main attention in the room is the basement bar. You will surely agree that