Window Bench Seat Plans

Want a perfect corner bench under two glass windows? If so, make sure that the longest part of the bench’s sitting area is right below the largest glass window in the room. The bench should end right below the tinier window, which displays metal chairs in the

Window Bench Seat Ideas

A smooth, glossy, wooden floor in a slightly light-brown tone is brightened up by the white bench, white window pillars and crystal clear glass windows. Ensure that your bench fits snugly in the corner space and add to its comfort with four separate cushions in white. Add

Storage Bench Window Seat

A tiny corner bench is irreplaceable when more storage space is essential. Choose white color for your bench to complete the natural light entering through your tall, narrow glass windows. A specially-designed and fitted bench lid is double-purpose. It will serve as a sitting area when closed.

Small Window Seat Bench

Pink, pink, all over a little girl’s room speaks volumes. A tiny white bench with three drawers beneath a small glass window exposes some autos in the backdrop. A hot-pink fabric, with white polka dots, is just right for the bench mattress and throw pillows while a

Padded Window Bench

Spacious, clean and elegant is your living room. So paint walls and ceilings white and team up with a white sofa accentuated with pastel pillows just beneath a big window space. Install a white bench behind a super-wide glass window and place red cushioning and two pillows

Bench Window Seat Cushions

The oversize glass window is clearly clutter free, allowing unrestricted views of the lush gardens in the background. Place a long padded white mattress on top of your white wooden bench. Put a white rectangular pillow and a darker-tone bolster pillow on each edge of your bench

Shoe Rack for Small Closet

With a small closet like this, arrange your apparels and hand bags on the entire storage space provided by open shelves. Few drawers on one end of your closet are perfect for personal belongings. In between your closets, find a vertical wall space for a matching shoe

Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

A hut shaped hot tub gazebo set on a lush, verdant background is an irreplaceable shed in your home. A simple thatched wooden structure, the hot tub gazebo is secured with a matching wooden fence and beautifully decorated with plants in red pots. Some white sunbathing beds

Bedroom Window Bench Seat

Three bedroom glass widows, one in the middle, create a perfect corner in which to squeeze a simple bench. Four satin-like white curtains with black flowers are just fit for the corner space. Professionally cut to match the bench height, the curtains are accentuated with four tiny

Window Seat Ideas Living Room

This living room is spacious and elegant. Paint its walls and floor white. Set up four crystal clear glass windows and a long wooden bench below them. Place three white cushions on top of the bench, matching bolsters and green throw pillows to complement a flower vase