Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 

Indoor hanging hammock chair can be a very creative and inviting item in the house. However, when going for this hammock, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the hanging and that you have a strategic place for it so it does not end up becoming a distraction around the house. Your hammock chair should be strong enough to avoid accidents hence the need to choose the right materials and ensure joints, screws or knots are safe enough. Consider the weight of every member of the family so the indoor hanging hammock chair can be enjoyed by practically everybody. First and easiest solution, is using hammock stand. As Central American, Mexican, as well as South American style of hammocks are highly appropriate for the indoor use that do not fit very well in standard hammock stand that you may have to use the stand like Vario Stand that is quite adjustable in the height and length, and will accommodate the hammocks.

Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 4

Pros of using stand do not include any construction and simple portability and cons include having large object to take up the floor space. Second solution will apply in the situation where structure doesn’t lend itself in hanging hammock where you wish; however where there’s not any prohibition against attaching the construction to walls or ceilings. We have used the method in hammock shops where walls were iffy. Firstly you will require structural lumber like two of 4x4s that are very long enough that will span from the ceiling to floor. After that you will use the angle braces in order to attach 4x4s to ceiling joists & flooring. Suppose you can, then you may countersink long wood screws in a wall studs. It is a basic method and you might need to adapt to the specific situation.

Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 

Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 2 Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 3 Indoor Hanging Hammock Chair 5

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