DIY Wood Paneling Makeover

A DIY wood paneling makeover might be all you need to lift the look of your room or house. Wood has this natural timeless beauty to it especially when you select the best wood for a beautiful makeover. Some woods have great natural colors, grains and patterns that you might not even need to paint them to make your space stunning. Paneling can be easy when you are creative and know exactly what you wish for the final look to be. DIY wood paneling makeover only requires the right wood, tools and ideas to get done and have a room or home that makes you happier. The wood paneling will make your room feel outdated and dark. Obvious question: Why not to remove its paneling? Answer is you do not know what condition of wall is below or damage that may happen when removing this. Problem will get solved with decorating ideas that can change a wall and distract eye from this.

DIY Wood Paneling Makeover

Fill Grooves
You can use caulk to fill grooves and let filler to dry and sand this lightly if required. When walls are ready, you can apply primer & paint color of your own choice.
Paint Paneling
In order, to create lighter and fresher feeling with the wood paneling, you may paint a wall. Clean this well with tri sodium phosphate that is diluted in water. So, let this dry and apply primer and paint over this.
You may hang the wallpaper over paneling, however it will require preparation. First you can clean walls & let dry. After that, either fill in ridges and use heavy wallpaper liner.
Stripe Grooves
You can use grooves for your benefit. Create the striped wall just by taping grooves as well as painting this. That can be the good look for the child’s room in case you use colorful paint for stripes.

DIY Wood Paneling Makeover 2 DIY Wood Paneling Makeover 3

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