Small Gazebo for Deck

The wooden deck in brown tones harmonizes the white-walled house so perfectly. As the deck is narrow and not so long, and the most appropriate room for the gazebo is right at the edge. Fence with timber planks, the gazebo looks private and at an ideal place to connect with the nature in the background.

Outdoor Deck Gazebos

This is the loveliest wooden deck for outdoor spaces. Integrated into a corner space of a huge deck, this gazebo makes great use of an open space that would otherwise look plain and boring. Supported by six pillars, the gazebo is a hexagonal-shaped structure housing a black piece of furniture placed on a slightly raised…

Large Deck Gazebo

Having the modest bungalow house does not mean that you cannot have a nice outdoor space to spend your leisure time on. This timber gazebo towers from a large wooden deck that is raised from the ground and fenced with brown and black metal bars. It has a simple wooden roof and there are red…

Deck Gazebo Ideas

A cream-walled mansion with white accents on the fencing, doors and windows looks so sophisticated. One reason for this is that there is wooden deck, with a staircase and white periphery, which hosts a simple wooden gazebo. Featuring four poles supporting a wooden roof, the gazebo adds to the elegance of the classy home.