Square Wooden Planter Boxes

You have a lovely wooden fence and a lot of plants in your compound. However, there are two additions that stand out more than everything else. They are none other than the two square wooden planter boxes hosting red flower gardens. They are made of high quality wood that is beautifully finished and attached together.

Rustic Wooden Planter Boxes

Do you like country themes? The rustic wooden planter box shown below presents a great way to add a country theme to your home. And it looks mobile meaning that the flower garden can be shifted at will. The background looks green and you planter is just brightening up the appearance of everything.

Cedar Wood Planter Boxes

Cedar wood has many uses. And as clearly seen in the following photo, cedar has been used to construct two strong and long garden boxes. The amazing thing is that the owner has also added some lights to the wall behind the boxes, making the white wall so attractive even at night.

Build a Wooden Planter Box

This is a tall wooden planter box that looks ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It is made of wood and the design is clearly shown below. If you are a woodworker, it is good to try using this simple plan. An addition such as this box will definitely bring the much awaited changes.

Black Wooden Planter Boxes

These are black wooden planter boxes. They are showcasing white flowers and tall grass that looks fine for the neighborhood. When you want to leave your cemented floor open, boxes such as these can be kept along the metal fence. Not only are they creating privacy but also saving up space for other outdoor activities.