Wall Mounted Liquor Cabinet

A wooden wall-mounted liquor cabinet like this looks just fine for those who like antique finishes. It has no glossy surfaces that would make it elegant and modern. But the cabinet looks strong and useful to the owner. With two surfaces for liquor bottles and a third one supported by chains, the cabinet is good.

Liquor Cabinet Design Ideas

You have black walls matched with white glass doors and tall white seats. The bottom and top surfaces are wooden while the middle one is made of glass. Liquor bottles are arranged on top of the bottom surface while the glass one holds liquor glasses and some bottles. Top one serves as a table.

Hanging Liquor Cabinet

Gray walls are lovely but the white wall cabinet with a red cross adds to the beauty. When open, this wall-mounted liquor cabinet consists of top shelving for wine glasses and tinier bottles, one open and wide shelf beneath it for larger bottles and three small sub-divided shelves on one side other items.

Corner Liquor Cabinet

Make use of your corner space with a wooden liquor cabinet. It is tall with four layers of storage surfaces. The topmost two are perfect for your liquor glasses while the last two can hold larger bowls and bottles. Complete your room with a wooden TV desk, coffee table and black couch.

College Liquor Cabinet

This is a briefcase liquor organizer that is perfect for a college student. It provides enough space for two medium size liquor bottles and four larger glases and two tinier glasses. Holders of bottles and glasses are creatively made and attached to the cabinet with leather straps. The cabinet is lockable.