Home Theater Lighting Tips

Do not pay attention to the green alien on the big screen. It is not permanent! Instead, look at how beautifully your home theater is illuminated. Ceilling lights turn the whole surroundings pastel and peaceful. You definitely cannot say no to those lovely sofas and matching pillows lying on the floor.

Home Theater Lighting Sconces

A nice home theater boasts carefully planned lighting. And lighting sconces such as the ones shown in this photo are just what you want to use. The background is black and brown, yet red and white accents brighten up the backdrop. You cannot go wrong with these lighting sconces as it is clearly illustrated here.

Home Theater Lighting Ideas

This home theater is gorgeous, no doubt, mainly because of the ceiling and wall lights. The designer has tried to combine and match a number of colors including white, red, navy blue, light blue, yellow, cream, beige, and brown. They have used lights to add glamour and class to the wall deco elements.

Home Theater Lighting Fixtures

How much do you like maroon and its shades? This home theater seems to give maroon the upper hand, as you can see. Furniture pieces, the screen area as well as other surfaces on walls are reddish purple. Their beauty has been enhanced by the lights and the golden yellow floor and walls.

Home Theater Floor Lighting

This theater looks darker toward the ceiling. That’s because the lights that have been mounted on the walls are very close to the floor. If you like your room dark, with just traces of light, so that the whole attention of viewers goes to the big screen, this theater design is ideal.

Home Theater Ceiling Lighting

Variations of brown color are so evident in this home theater. The sparkly and tiny ceiling light creates brightness in the room, ensuring that the black sofas, table and wall unit are well complemented. Lighter tones are also presented in form of white framed glass door, carpeting and the TV screen.