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Small Media Room Furniture

Your media room is small and you want to make it classy and interesting. Black leather sofas bring sheen to the room while few white pillows on top of sofas are smartly picked elements. A variation of brown is perfect for the floor and a glass table completes your room design. Walls are clearly black,

Modern Media Room Furniture

This media room looks simple and lovely. The zebras on the wall are meant to brighten up other walls and ceiling, designed with wood. Black leather sofas with zebra print pillows are ideal for the room. There are cleverly mounted wall lights to add color to the room and the floor is purplish and well

Media Room Furniture Sofa

A media room with long curtains and a large floor to ceiling glass window is so classy and beautiful. And white modern sofa sets are strategically placed facing the flat screen TV area that has a storage bench underneath it and two long curtains on either end. Yellow light placed in two U-shaped sections next

Media Room Furniture Seating

This media room is a relatively bright because of the white ceiling, walls and wall lights. Furniture is made up of two sets of black couches, three on a raised platform, placed somewhere in the middle of your room. All eyes will be on the blue screen placed in the brown wall unit. There is

Media Room Furniture Layout

You already have an elegant media room with white walls and ceiling. These are effortlessly matching with the brown wooden floor. Now all you need is to add white sofa sets to the right spot in your pretty room. And don’t they look gorgeous along the wall with a green décor item? A matching white

Media Room Furniture Ideas

Red is the main theme color in this media room. There are heaps of comfy throw pillows, green and red, lying on the white floor. Then you have a big black couch at the back with similar looking pillows and pieces of red fabric. A blue screen is seen on the front, near the flowing

Media Chairs Home Theater

The white ceiling has wooden structures and is suitably complemented with the floor and the darker flat screen wall area. The rest of the walls are white. There are three white sofas and an area rug in the same color. There are obviously other tiny accents such as the tiny lights on top of the

Living Room Media Furniture

This media room’s furniture is cleverly picked and matched with the light-brown flooring material and yellow wall lights. The brown leather seats are puffy and comfortable, leaving no room for boredom and sleep when the film is being watched. At the back there are beige chairs and light greenish décor equipment behind them. Walls and

Home Media Room Furniture

This is a wooden floor media room with many black and red leather sofas. The seats are properly complemented with the black surfaces behind them, and the dark ceiling. And as you sit down to watch a DREAM WORK film, you will feel affluent and comfortable. The focus is on the furniture, though, which looks

Best Media Room Furniture

This is a media room which looks narrow and longer. Perfect furniture is picked for the room including the big white couch with extended benches and a black table. In front, just near the flat screen on the wall, are other similar looking white sofas decorated with black accents. There are lights on cream walls