Round Hall Table

This is round hall table that attracts the eye because of two criss-crossed, geometrically-cut leg designs. The table looks so creative and modern, hence suitable for high-end homes with large living areas. A black flower vase with a square base hosts a huge bunch of white flowers that go with the white surroundings.

Round Foyer Table Decorating Ideas

This table boosts the appearance of your shiny tile floor. The table’s smooth, brown surfaces emit some gloss too, and it definitely looks durable and elegant. On top you have a glass flower vase holding white blossoms, two fat and tall candles and a bunch tiny burning candles. The surroundings are very catchy too.

Round Foyer Pedestal Table

This white-walled room is so catchy and creatively decorated. Whoever figured it out picked a round foyer pedestal table for the entrance area. Placed on a beige carpet, and surrounded by matching barrel-shaped containers, this table looks classy. The flower vase on top of it adds to the beauty of the whole room.

Large Round Foyer Table

This is an oversized round foyer table that is ideal for most homes’ entrances. Made of high quality dark brown wood, the table has adequate space for books, flower vase and other items. It is also surrounded by differently shaped and sized baskets, and a vast wooden floor in a lighter tone than itself.

Half Round Entry Table

If your entry area is not large enough to host a full-circle table, choose the one in the picture. It is a half round entry table with three tapered legs. Complemented, perfectly, with the surroundings, including the round-shaped glass table in the centre of the room, the half table does not look odd at all.

Foyer Round Table

This is a beautiful foyer table with a circular top. It has a glass surface and looks even more attractive with a bunch of green herbs, in a vase, placed on top. Placed on an ornately weaved mat, this entry way round table is ideal for big rooms with laminated or wooden floors.