Build a Wooden Planter Box

This is a tall wooden planter box that looks ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It is made of wood and the design is clearly shown below. If you are a woodworker, it is good to try using this simple plan. An addition such as this box will definitely bring the much awaited changes.

Black Wooden Planter Boxes

These are black wooden planter boxes. They are showcasing white flowers and tall grass that looks fine for the neighborhood. When you want to leave your cemented floor open, boxes such as these can be kept along the metal fence. Not only are they creating privacy but also saving up space for other outdoor activities.

Small Raised Garden Box

Small and manageable garden boxes are displayed in the following picture. As you can see, they are rectangular shaped and already filled with soil. The remaining work is simple: adding any plants the happy man wants. And as you can see for yourself, the small boxes just need a small part of your yard.

Raised Garden Box Liner

A plain box such as the one show in the picture is still usable in your garden. But it looks much more beautiful with a liner and as you can see, the whole set up is properly teamed up with the surroundings. You can have this raised garden liner for a change.

Raised Container Garden Box Plans

This is a raised plan of outdoor garden boxes. It is has a firm surface on which to place the soil. This one is convenient when you want to save floor space for other activities or when you want a totally different look in your garden. The planter consumes a small room.

Outdoor Raised Garden Box

You can have a raised garden box such as this one if you want. Instead of leaving the inner space open, cut thin pieces of timber and fix them vertically and horizontally to make small boxes for every type of plant to be planted in. Use a similar material for garden paths d├ęcor.