Barn Sliding Interior Doors

There are very many options when it comes to interior doors and one of the best you can choose are barn sliding interior doors. Barn doors are very traditional and have a timeless beauty to them making them traditional yet stunning. You will love the difference they can make to your space. The sliding feature of the doors adds a contemporary elegance to the space thus creating a space that is simply relaxing for you and your family or visitors. You however want to make sure that your barn sliding interior doors open and close with ease and swiftly for that matter. The barn doors for the indoor purposes also can create the unique rustic look, which will enhance ambience of the room. There’re many kinds of the barn doors & hardware that will work with design you wish to create, which includes industrial and modern hardware. While considering the barn doors for next project, think of following doors and hardware, and purposes, thus you will get right products. All the hardware packages generally come with the mounting instructions, thus you will get this right for first time.

Barn Sliding Interior Doors  2

This kind has the metal brackets with the wooden roller and with maximum holding weight ability of over 200 pounds. Wooden roller contrasts very nicely with metal brackets that rolls quietly every time that door is moved. Such kind of the hardware will be good for the areas that need the quiet doors, like nursery and office. Wood with gold contrasts nicely and will go very well in classic applications. While installed rightly, hardware is been protected by limited lifetime warranty. The standard and stainless steel is accessible for this kind of the sliding barn doors. They’re sturdier and making this ideal for the heavier doors like wood, metal and glass and will hold doors, which weigh over 500 pounds.


Barn Sliding Interior Doors  3 Barn Sliding Interior Doors  4 Barn Sliding Interior Doors  5 Barn Sliding Interior Doors  6 Barn Sliding Interior Doors  7 Barn Sliding Interior Doors

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